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About us

At W2Mobile, we are more than just a mobile payment solution

We are your partner in fostering seamless and secure transactions through Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) across the diverse African market.

Our mission is to empower businesses and consumers by simplifying payments and enhancing access to digital content and services.

Backed by a visionary approach and a commitment to excellence, we are redefining the mobile payment landscape in Africa.

Mission & Vision

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Our Vision

To revolutionize digital transactions in Africa by becoming the leading DCB provider, driving innovation, and creating lasting value for businesses and users alike.

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Our Mission

To enable frictionless and secure mobile payments that transcend boundaries, making digital services accessible to every individual across Africa's vibrant and dynamic communities.

What we do

W2Mobile stands as a pioneering force in the realm of mobile payments through Direct Carrier Billing.

With an unwavering dedication to innovation, security, and user experience, we have established ourselves as the go-to partner for businesses seeking a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly payment solution. Our technology bridges the gap between businesses and consumers, providing a convenient way to access premium digital content, services, and products without the hassle of traditional payment methods.

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Business Activities

W2Mobile operates on a robust billing provider business model that encompasses diverse segments to cater to the unique needs of our partners and users:

Digital Content

Digital Content

We collaborate with Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to offer an extensive array of digital content, including apps, games, music, videos, and more. With seamless integration, users can enjoy instant access to premium content by simply charging the cost to their mobile phone bill.



Our partnership with MNOs enables secure and efficient mobile payments for e-commerce platforms. Users can conveniently shop for products and services online, knowing that their transactions are protected and streamlined.


Subscription Services

W2Mobile simplifies subscription-based services by enabling users to subscribe to various offerings, such as news, magazines, streaming platforms, and educational content, with a single click.


Donations and Charity

Through our platform, users can contribute to charitable causes and make donations with ease, ensuring that noble initiatives receive the support they deserve.



Amara, Senior Account Manager
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"Working with W2Mobile has been a game-changer for us. Their seamless integration with our network has allowed us to offer unparalleled convenience to our subscribers, making premium digital content more accessible than ever."

Bandile - Finance Officer
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"W2Mobile's commitment to innovation aligns perfectly with our vision. By partnering with them, we've enhanced the mobile payment experience for our users, unlocking new avenues for growth and engagement."

Jackie, Key Account Manager
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"Proppeler has greatly benefited from our collaboration with W2Mobile. Their technology seamlessly integrates with our services, facilitating effortless mobile payments and enriching the digital experience for our users."

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